Sports Medicine

“How bad is it?” At Legend Orthopedics, we have the answer, along with the full range of sports medicine care, so that athletes of any age—youth, high school, collegiate, or recreational—can get back to doing what they love at their highest level.

Common problems, advanced treatments

An athletic injury either happens in an instant or develops over time. That’s why we’re here to both rapidly evaluate you on the field and/or work with you in our offices to talk through your signature treatment plan and recovery.

We treat all types of sports-related injuries, including:

  •     Knee injuries
  •     Shoulder injuries
  •     Traumatic fractures
  •     Sprains
  •     Overuse injuries

At Legend Orthopedics, we treat your injury through detailed evaluation, diagnostics, and a full array of treatment options. But we also care about doing what we can to help keep an injury from happening in the first place.

  •     Annual pre-season physicals in partnership with University Hospital and PEAK Rehabilitation
  •     In-office diagnostics, including X-ray and MRI
  •     Bracing
  •     Medication
  •     Injections
  •     Surgery